McConnell Will Support Trump’s Pre-Planned National Emergency To Grab Border Funds, Get Around Congress

President Donald Trump will reportedly declare a national emergency — that he has been pre-planning for months — in hopes of bypassing Congress to get more money for his border wall, which he promised Mexico would pay for.

After Trump agreed to sign the bipartisan budget bill, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell threw his support behind Trump’s artificial national emergency, notes Vox.

McConnell interrupted Republican Sen. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa to announce the deal, but Grassley was furious: “I hope the next time I get a chance to have the floor, I won’t be interrupted!”

Trump’s action has now set a precedent, which will allow future Democratic presidents to do the same thing when Congress denies funding for projects.

(Sources: C-SPAN2 via Twitter, Vox)

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