Massachusetts Police Raid Family’s Home Without Search Warrant, Punch Their Tiny Pregnant Dog

Police in Framington, Massachusetts entered Antoinette Callahan’s home after admitting they did not have a search warrant.

One of the cops was filmed by the family’s surveillance cameras punching the family’s pregnant dog because she dared to bark.

After the cop reached and punched the pregnant dog, he claimed to be the victim: “If that dog bites me again I’m going to f*cking shoot it.”

The police said they were going to “secure the house and enter” while a search warrant was being obtained, which is likely illegal.

They threatened to break down the door without a search warrant because they wanted to search for marijuana.

The Callahan family says the police took all of their savings, along with their legally owned guns.

The Framingham Police refused to comment because they are investigating their own officers, who would have gotten away with their search, if it had not been for the Callahan family’s surveillance videos.

Defense attorney Peter Elikan, who isn’t involved in the case, gave his take to WFXT:

Generally speaking, you need a search warrant almost all the time. Except there are some rare exceptions that they usually fight out in the court. But if you simply said you can secure the premise every-time first, then we will get a search warrant afterward and we can enter first, then that would negate ever needing to get a search warrant.

(Source: WFXT)

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