Maskless Woman Tries to Cough in Musician’s Face After He Asks Her to Back Away

An unidentified maskless woman tried to cough in musician Clayton Gardner’s face after he politely asked her to stand seven feet away during a performance at the Texican Court hotel Las Colinas, Texas, on July 17, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Gardner — who is trying to protect his 3-year-old daughter from getting COVID-19 recalled the incident on Facebook after posting the video:

In a matter of seconds this lady took that away from me. I was honestly shocked and pretty defenseless sitting there holding my guitar. The audience was equally as shocked.

I’m outraged by her behavior and the behavior of many others in our world today. I would much rather be at home but unfortunately I have to play some gigs to pay my bills, just like the rest of you.

Gardner later said the woman wrote him an apology:

I accept her apology. She made a mistake, and we’ve all made mistakes, and I think that it’s OK to show her a little grace and forgiveness.

(Sources: Dallas Morning News, Clayton Gardner/Facebook, Clayton Gardner/Facebook)

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