Maskless Couple Kicked Off NYC Ferry: ‘If We Were F*cking Black… That Guy Would Never Come Out and Tell Us Put a Mask On’

A husband and wife were handcuffed and removed from a ferry — going from Manhattan to Brooklyn — after refusing to wear a safety mask on Sept. 5, notes Pix 11 News (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

Other ferry riders cheered as police removed the couple from the scene, reports the Gothamist.

The New York Post reports the couple played the race card during their removal from the boat:

“This has been going on since March, and my husband is fucking pissed off,” the woman said. “Every time I have to commute to Manhattan, it’s a fucking process.”

“If we were f*cking black, I can guarantee you that guy would never come out and tell us put a mask on.” Her husband, who only gave his first name, David, added, “Right, because Black Lives Matter.”

Gothamist journalist Jake Offenhartz filmed and tweeted video of the couple who have promised to sue.

(Sources: New York Post, Gothamist, Pix 11 News/YouTube, Jake Offenhartz/Twitter)

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