Maryland School Calls Police And Secret Service On Young Black Student For Playing With ‘Toy Money’: Report

Tiffany Kelly says on that Montgomery County public school system in Maryland called the police on her 10-year-old son for playing with play money:

On May 14, 2019, my son took play money to school (purchased from Amazon). He is excited about money and learning to count ‘his money.’ In an attempt for socialization, something he struggles with, he passed it out on the school bus to his peers. The money has bright pink Asian symbols on the front and back, along with dotted lines, so that it can be distinguished as play money. The police came to the school to question my son. They also called the Secret Service. Outrageous.

Kelly shared her outrage with WRC-TV:

It is not fair to believe that a person of color has committed a crime. I do not believe it would have happened to someone had they not been a minority.

Kelly said the school system said it was normal practice for police to be called over a student possibly using counterfeit money.

(Sources:, WRC-TV via Twitter)

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