Maryland Restaurants Close After Backlash Over Owner’s Racist Facebook Posts

About 100 demonstrators protested outside Vince’s Crabhouse restaurants with signs showing screenshots of owner Vince Meyer’s racist social media posts on June 6 in Middle River and Fallston, Maryland, notes the Baltimore Sun (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

The restaurants closed for nine days, reports WJZ-TV.

One Facebook post reportedly said on June 1:

There is one place I bet the protesters/rioters won’t light on fire or break into or even block the road to …. the social services buildings.

A Facebook post from 2012 stated:

I hope this zimmerman guy is found not guilty js.

Meyer whined about the protests in a video on June 6:

I went to bed what I thought was an honest business owner and woke up being demonized and just being called a straight-up racist.

Obviously, my posts were offensive, and I can’t take them back. I consider myself really close to the black community, and it’s really hitting home. I can’t apologize because nobody’s going to accept it.

Fellow business owner Suzette Scott-Finnerty said she won’t be going back to Meyer’s restaurants:

That apology wasn’t sincere. He’s sorry he got caught, he’s not sorry he said any of that. He’s sorry we’re out here peacefully holding him accountable.

(Sources: The Baltimore Sun, Vince Meyer via YouTube, WJZ-TV)

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