Maryland Judge Rules Jared Kushner’s Company Violated Numerous Laws, Ripped Off Apartment Tenants

Maryland Administrative Law Judge Emily Daneker ruled on April 29 that Jared Kushner’s Westminster Management JK2 company violated Maryland’s consumer protection laws numerous times, including collecting debts without the required licenses, charging tenants improper fees, and misrepresenting the condition of rental units, reports the Baltimore Sun.

Daneker ruled the violations were “widespread and numerous.”

Daneker said Kushner overcharged tenants for application fees and charged other fees for “costs not actually incurred” tens of thousands of times. Tenants said they were shown pristine model apartments, only to find their units to be in rodent-infested disrepair on moving day.

The Washington Post reported in 2020 how Kushner began eviction proceedings against his apartment tenants during the COVID pandemic in November:

Westminster Management, an apartment company owned in part by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, has submitted hundreds of eviction filings in court against tenants with past-due rent during the pandemic, according to interviews with more than a dozen tenants and a review of hundreds of the company’s filings.

(Sources: Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post)

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