Mary Trump Takes Down Her Uncle Donald Trump After He Calls Her a ‘Mess’

Mary Trump, whose book about her uncle Donald Trump sold 950,000 copies on its first day, was asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo how she felt about the president tweeting that she was a “mess”:

I think it’s just an attack he hurls, predominantly at women. And honestly, I’m in very good company. I believe he said the same thing about Nancy Pelosi, and I’m fine with that.

Mary also debunked Donald’s false claim that she violated an NDA by noting a judge ruled this week that she was not bound by the NDA.

Donald also claimed that Mary broke the law by giving out his tax returns, but Mary noted she actually released information about Donald’s dad Fred Trump that were legally given to her during “discovery” motions that were part of a lawsuit.

(Source: CNN/Twitter)

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