Martha McCallum Claims Fox News Is Not State-Run TV, Pretends Trump And Kanye West Had Serious Meeting

Fox News host Martha McCallum recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Fox News is not run by the Trump administration (state-run TV):

We have a lot of different voices. Anyone who treats it as a monolithic voice is clearly not watching.

Ironically, McCallum claimed today that President Donald Trump and Kanye West had a serious meeting (even though West rambled incoherently and dropped the F-bomb in what became a media circus):

Here is Kanye today at times pounding the Resolute Desk while urging Americans to consider the possibilities under this president.

In August, McCallum parroted the Trump administration by using the death of Mollie Tibbetts to attack immigrants. McCallum even pretended to speak for the Tibbetts  family.

(Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Fox News)


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