Marie Osmond Claims ‘Christians’ Could Lose Freedom To ‘Worship Our God Freely’

Nutrisystem celebrity spokeswoman Marie Osmond claimed that the “world” is trying to take away Christians’ freedom to worship on Oct. 12 at the Kawaiahaʻo Church in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Osmond, who is Mormon, failed to offer any proof of her claims, notes the Friendly Atheist:

And I look at our Christian families and the values that we hold dear and there’s, like I said, this great storm and this struggle where we could lose our freedoms, and we could lose our values, and the things that we hold so dearly, as Christians, to worship our God freely.

And we are one nation that was created under God, and the world that we are living in right now is trying to remove those freedoms from us.

And I tell you: I know that it is time for us to be ‘ohana. ToPost be united as a family. Because we are weak individually, but we are strong as we are united. We are. We are powerful.

The president of the Mormon church recently claimed that people that use the phrase “Mormon church” are offending God and need to stop.

(Sources: Friendly Atheist, SuchIsLifeVideos/YouTube)

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