Man, Who Yelled Racist Insults On New York Subway, Says He Is ‘Not A Racist’

Paul Lawson, who was recently filmed shouting the N-word and the F-bomb on a New York City subway, reportedly says that he is “not that sorry” because he was “making a point” and is “not a racist.”

In the video, Lawson claimed to be a “legal scholar” and a graduate of NYU Law School, but was eventually forced off the subway by other riders.

Lawson issued some statements on Facebook, notes the Gothamist, which were deleted hours later.

Lawson reportedly wrote that he was “getting help and really don’t know how it came up in the first place and if it makes you feel any better I had my head broke open the next day so there’s that.”

The Gothamist notes Lawson also wrote that he was “not that sorry I feel bad I used that word but I was making a point, lots of comedians do that; it’s the first f*cking ammendment and look at the liberal mob beating up the peaceful protester now f*cking losers.”

Lawson reportedly wrote on Facebook that he was a “race-baiter in this context, not a racist,” and “enjoys getting a rise out of people.”

Lawson was reportedly filmed on another subway in May taunting a black man, reports the Gothamist (video below). 

Joe Fuller, who filmed the May video, told the Gothamist that Lawson had been cursing at the black man for 20 minutes:

The black guy is like, “You’re yelling racist and hateful things at people, we don’t do that in New York, that’s just not what’s going to happen.”

[Lawson] kept saying that black people shouldn’t live in Bed-Stuy…so the guy pushes him off the train and he tries to come back—the same way in the other video—and the guy punches him in the face twice and the doors shut on him. Everyone clapped.

Lawson would not comment to the Gothamist.

(Source: Gothamist)

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