Man, Who Survived Bosnia Concentration Camps, Is Gunned Down in Walmart Parking Lot In Georgia

Fadil Delkic — who survived concentration camps in Bosnia — was shot to death in the parking lot of a Walmart store in Snellville, Georgia, on Aug. 19.

Snellville Police Detective Jeff Manley said Delkic was driving his car out of the parking lot when a woman — pushing a baby stroller — told Delkic that he drove his vehicle too close to them, notes WAGA.

Manley said Delkic got out of his vehicle, the two argued, the woman hit Delkic in the face and then her fiancé Troy Hunte pulled a gun from his pocket and shot Delkic in the chest.

According to witnesses, people ran into Walmart to get away from the fight; some shoppers inside the store thought there was an active shooter in the store.

(Source: WAGA)

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