Man Who Sells ‘Alternative Medicines’ Claims He Saw Jesus When He Died

Mike King, who owns the Mari-Mann Herb Company in Decatur, Illinois, claims that he saw Jesus in a near-death experience in the emergency room of a Champaign hospital.

King’s website says he sells “alternative medicines” and “has new studies on natural remedies for almost every ailment.”

King, who became critically ill from a toxic shock after a dental procedure, recalled his experience to WAND:

It was real and it was not a dream. I died.  I’ve been to heaven.  I saw God.  I know what it’s all about.

My consciousness, or my soul, left my body. My body was dead, dying. And I remember being in the doctor’s mind and hearing him think and seeing me through his eyes.

I go into this gorgeous cloud like, I guess you could call it a tunnel, but there was a really bright light near the end of it.

I never remember touching him. I was one with him. So, you’re one with Jesus. And you feel that you do feel love and comfort. It’s like you’re finally home.

And if you want to think I’m crazy, or think that everything I said is wrong and dumb and bad, that’s okay. You’ll find out. I guarantee it. Hahahahahaha.

King said Jesus told him to return to earth to help others heal, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. King said he is no longer afraid to die, so it’s not clear why human bodies would need medication to keep from dying.

(Sources: WAND, Mari-Mann Herb Company)

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