Man Wearing NRA Hat Jumps On Hood Of Moving School Bus

A man, wearing an NRA hat, jumped on the front of a moving Baltimore County school bus and clinged to the hood while the bus was moving on Oct. 5 (video below).

Baltimore County police Sgt. Andrea Bylen told WBAL:

A school bus traveling from Loch Raven Middle School was in traffic, it was sitting next to another vehicle. Allegedly, a bottle of some sort was thrown out of the bus toward that vehicle. At that point, the driver of that vehicle got out of his vehicle.

According to Bylen, the man tried to get inside the bus, but the driver refused to open the door:

At that point, the school bus driver, concerned for his safety and concerned for the safety of the students on board, did not want to open the door, so the man then went around to the front of the bus and stood in front of the bus as it began to move forward.

The man was filmed clinging to the hood and beating it. The driver repeatedly tells the man to get off the bus.

Bylen said the man was arrested for the bizarre stunt::

We happened to have an off-duty officer who was present in the area who assisted and intervened quickly. He came over, separated all of the parties, and at that time, the suspect was arrested on scene without incident.

Police identified the man as Leverne Ardin Doran, who has been charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property.

(Source: WBAL)

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