Man Tries To ‘Save Jesus’ From Crucifixion During Easter Play

An Easter performance of the “Passion of Christ” turned chaotic after an unidentified man jumped on stage and attacked an actor playing a Roman soldier to “save Jesus” from being crucified in Brazil.

The man hit the Roman soldier actor in the head with a motorcycle helmet and kicked him, notes The Independent.

William da Silva, the city’s planning director, recalled the incident to G1 news in Brazil: 

[The man] leapt up from the middle of the audience and no one guessed what he was about to do.

Witnesses reported the attacker was shouting “he was not going to let Jesus die” before he barged onto stage.

The man, who attacked the the actor, reportedly suffers from mental health problems and drug issues.

Other actors tried to restrain the man, but the man continued to lash out as fists flew.

The play’s director, Adriano Ferreira, said the actor who played the Roman soldier, Samir Rodrigues, was scared, but unharmed:

This week, a city businessman gave the Roman soldiers new helmets and that probably ended up protecting Samir.

(Source: The Independent, Fernando Pereira via YouTube)

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