Man Slaps Harvey Weinstein In Restaurant: ‘You’re A Piece Of Sh*t’

A man slapped movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in the face inside a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Jan. 9

Weinstein checked into an Arizona treatment center months ago after being accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape by numerous women.

The man, who identified himself as Steve, told TMZ that Weinstein was belligerent when he (Steve) asked for a picture with him, but a restaurant manager says the accused sexual abuser was “sweet” and politely declined.

The restaurant manager falsely claimed that man’s hands never touched Weinstein even though they clearly do in the video.

Steve told TMZ that he had “quite a bit to drink,” and told a friend to film as he walked up to Weinstein.

Weinstein did not call the police and left the restaurant.

The Los Angeles Times reported in November 2017 that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance is preparing a criminal indictment against Weinstein for sex crimes, including an alleged rape of an actress in 2010.

(Sources: TMZ, Los Angeles Times)

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