Man Sells ‘Hot Dog Water’ For $38 A Bottle To Show How Gullible People Are

Douglas Bevans recently sold bottles “Hot Dog Water” for $38 per bottle in Vancouver, Canada.

Bevans — a tour operator and a performance artist —  boiled 100 organic beef hot dogs to make his “keto-compatible” water, which people bought at an annual car-free event, notes CTV News.

Bevans wore a hot dog onesie, called himself the CEO of “Hot Dog Water,” and made wild health claims about the water:

Because Hot Dog Water and perspiration resemble each other so when you drink Hot Dog Water it bypasses the lymphatic system, whereas other waters have to go through your filtering system, so really, Hot Dog Water has three times as much uptake as coconut water.

Bevans also claimed a lip balm made of “Hot Dog Water” would erase crow’s feet:

We noticed that some people were rubbing lip balm on their crow’s feet and they were swearing their crow’s feet were disappearing before their eyes.

Bevans also sold hot dog water body spray and breath freshener.

Bevans wants consumers to bypass FANCY marketing and think about what they’re buying:

We’re helping people, empowering them to use informed decisions in their purchasing choices. That is the message behind this.

Art, I think, has a way of doing this better than if this was a public service announcement. There’s an image attached to it, that it’s ridiculous.

(Source: CTV News)

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