Man Rode Greyhound Bus With Dismembered Body Parts In Suitcases for 5 Hours, Family Suspicious After He Didn’t Unpack

An unidentified man reportedly rode on a Greyhound bus from Louisville, Kentucky to Markham, Illinois (Chicago area) with dismembered body parts of a woman inside his suitcases on Sept. 15.

The police said the man’s family picked him up at the bus station, but had no idea what he was carrying in his luggage.

Markham Police Chief Terry White told WBBM that the suspect kept guarding his suitcases at his family’s home, but family members peaked inside one of the suitcases:

There were some early reports of a foul odor coming from the bags. A human body part was discovered. They immediately backed away and called police.

(Source: WBBM)

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