Man Repeatedly Rams Car, Jumps On It In Bizarre Road Rage

A man repeatedly rammed his SUV into an unoccupied car in Sacramento, California, on June 4. The man then  jumped up and down top of the car while police stood by (raw video below).

Police identified the SUV driver as Garcia Alvareze, notes KOVR.

Nikki Guinn filmed the incident, and posted it on Facebook with a description:

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! I just witnessed this mans breakdown. Whatever went wrong led him to this place. He acted as though there was nothing to go back to. I still don’t even have the words to process what the hell I just witnessed. I do know that we are a fragile species with mighty big burdens to carry. Love each other.

Guinn also told KOVR about the road rage: 

It felt unreal; it’s like something out of a movie. He backs up but doesn’t attempt to hit anyone else. He’s really just focused on the blue CR-V. There definitely seemed to be a disconnect because he wasn’t communicating to anybody.

Sgt. Vance Chandler said the incident actually began on a freeway:

The initial call was that someone was behind a driver and upset for some reason after a disturbance on the freeway.This person was in a crisis obviously.

Chandler added that police stood by and waited for the suspect to calm down.

They were unable to get him to cooperate or speak to them.

The suspect eventually fell off the car, and was arrested by police for felony vandalism and felony assault, although it’s not clear who he assaulted.

(Sources: KOVR, Nikki Guinn/Facebook)

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