Man Refuses to Wear Mask During School Board Meeting, Fights With Police

An unidentified man refused to wear a mask during a school board meeting in Mitchell, South Dakota, and was removed by police on Sept. 14.

The school board meeting was being held inside the Mitchell High School library, and included about 20 people, notes the Mitchell Republic.

Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves identified the non-masked man as Reed Bender.

Bender sat without a mask even though Deb Olson, president of the board of education, said everyone had to wear a mask and offered free masks.

Graves told Bender that he would be removed from the meeting if he refused to wear a mask, and subsequently called the police.

The police gave Bender another chance to wear a mask or leave on his own, but he refused and struggled with police as they removed him.

(Sources: Mitchell Republic, Lee Hilton/YouTube)

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