Man Pulled Gun At Grocery Store, Threatened To Shoot Shopper Who Asked Him To Wear Safety Mask: Report

A man allegedly pulled a gun on another customer who asked him to wear a mask at a Fred Meyer grocery store in Tumwater, Washington on July 16.

According to police, the man called the coronavirus a hoax and continued shopping. When officers arrived, the man reportedly refused to hand over his gun, and was taken down by several officers.

A third customer who filmed the arrest, Bernie Friedman, recalled the incident to KING:

The five seconds before that it was a little bit more struggling going on with the man on the floor as the police tried to get him under control. If we can all be safe and beat this COVID thing by wearing a mask, then I think we should wear a mask. When I see people not wearing a mask, I just socially distant myself from them I don’t want to get in a debate with anyone about it.

(Source: KING)

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