Man Goes On Tirade On Airplane, Brawls With Passenger

A male passenger, who was reportedly drunk, went on an angry tirade and got into fight with another passengers during an American Airlines flight from St Croix to Miami on May 23 (more video below).

The incident began when the male passenger, Jason Felix, demanded more beer, but a flight attendant refused, notes WPLG.

Another passenger, Bill Bolduc, filmed the chaos that followed.

Passengers told Felix to relax, but he was not having it: “No, I’m not going to relax… I know my rights … That man is going to lose his job.”

FBI Special Agent Gena C. Rezmer said Felix told another passenger that he was going to kill him and spit blood on him.

That when the two men began fighting on the flight, and other passengers tried to separate them.

Four Miami-Dade Police Department officers later escorted Felix into the Miami International Airport, where FBI agents arrested him.

(Sources: WPLG, Bill Bolduc)

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