Man Goes on Racist Rant Over Parking Space: ‘I Hope Your Kid Dies’

An unidentified man went on a racist rant against a Columbian-American mother, Blaise Gomez, over a parking space outside a grocery store in Vails Gate, New York:

You’re a stupid, ignorant [expletive] and you don’t belong in this country because you’re an illegal. I hope your [expletive] kid dies. How about that? I hope he dies of leukemia and suffers a long time.

Gomez told WWBT that the man also called her a “Biden supporter:

He just started cursing at me. You [expletive]. I had [my son] in the car and he dropped to the floor and put his hands on his ears. What does he know about me? He knows nothing. Just because he assumed I’m an immigrant and because I have an accent, he assumed all that, he went with it.

(Source: WWBT)

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