Man Found Guilty Of Murder, Attacks Own Lawyer, Brawl In Courtroom

Travis J. Davis punched his lawyer inside an Ocala, Florida, courtroom on May 11 (raw video below) after he and his three co-defendants were found guilty in the murder of Courtney London in 2016.

A second defendant, Kelvon Grimmage, joined in one the fight, while a third defendant, Branden Banks, stood by a wall,  notes ABA Journal.

A fourth defendant, Kiila Richardson, was being led out of court when the brawl broke out.

Courtroom deputies used Tasers to restore order.

Lawyer Daniel Hernandez described the incident to WOFL:

I got about five punches to the back and the side of my head, forehead. I got a few bumps and bruises, some scratches. I’ve been trying cases for almost 40 years, and I’d never been struck by a defendant before.

Davis apologized for his actions after he was brought back into the courtroom and sentenced to life.

London’s son, who was 5 years old at the time of the murder, testified that Davis was the triggerman, reported the Ocala Star-Banner.

(Sources: ABA Journal, WOFL, Ocala Star-Banner)

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