Man Dangles 8-Month-Old Baby Upside Down, Is Arrested

Viviana Owen says that she filmed her roommate dangling her 8-month-old child upside down by his feet in her home in Visalia, California.

Owen reportedly set up a nanny camera, which filmed a close friend of her husband, Anthony Sembrano, in the act.

Owen told KSEE:

I was so upset, I was angry and hurt. What keeps going through my mind: so what else happened? I only had it for five days so what was he doing when there wasn’t a camera?

According to Owen, Sembrano’s wife watches her son while she goes to school.

After the incident, the baby was taken to an urgent care where doctors called the police.

Sembrano was arrested and booked for child abuse, said police.

Owen advised others mothers to get nanny cameras to film loved ones:

I suggest to anybody even if it’s your family that babysits or a close friend just get ’em.

(Source: KSEE)

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