Man Curses At Neighbors For Playing Latin Music On Fourth Of July

A man in Petaluma, California, went on a profanity-filled racist tirade at his Hispanic neighbors for playing Latin music in their backyard during the Fourth of July.

Ivette Celedon filed the tirade with her cellphone and posted the video on Facebook with a caption:

So in a family backyard bbq we’re not allowed to have Spanish music because it’s disrespectful to the country????? Land of the free right? Celebrating independence!!! We are celebrating Independence Day just like everyone else!

In the video, the man is heard accusing the Latino family of “disrespect my f*cking country” and he asks, “you want to do that on the Fourth of July … throw it in my face?”

Celedon told KPIX her family was playing music as they waited for the city-sponsored fireworks show:

My father-in-law has a speaker out back and it wasn’t that loud, especially not over their loud music that they have a July 4th party every year. And we have never complained about them.

KPIX identified the angry neighbor as  Larry Lappin, who apologized after he got outed:

I made a huge mistake. I had been drinking too much and a little thing set me off and it really bugged me.

Sometimes I wish they would assimilate more. I hear them playing [Spanish language] music in the backyard all the time and it doesn’t bother me. Because of the day and what July 4th means to me, I felt disrespected.

“I’m a very patriotic man. Unfortunately that [action] wasn’t representative of a patriot. Just after a long day [the music] hit me the wrong way.

Lappin was told by KPIX that the family has been in America for multiple generations with family members who served in the military, and responded:

Those are things I didn’t know about them and those are things that make what I did very bad. [Playing the music of their choice] is the freedom they are afforded by the people who serve this country. I made a terrible mistake.

(Sources: Ivette Celedon/Facebook, KPIX)

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