Man Changes Gender To Female To Get Cheaper Car Insurance Rate

A man legally changed his gender on his government ID to female to get a lower insurance rate on a new Chevrolet Cruze car in Alberta, Canada.

The man, who goes under the pseudonym “David” told CBC News: “I have taken advantage of a loophole.”

David, who first shared his bizarre story on Reddit,  said he was originally quoted $4,500 a year as a man with a collision and a ticket or two on his record.

David told CBC News that he asked the insurance company what a premium would be if he were a woman, and was quoted  about $3,400:

I was pretty angry about that. And I didn’t feel like getting screwed over any more. So I asked them to change my gender on my auto policy, and she’s like, we can’t do that.

David recalled that he got a doctor’s note to show the government that he identifies as a woman, and the government changed his gender on his birth certificate and driver’s license:

It was pretty simple. I just basically asked for it and told them that I identify as a woman, or I’d like to identify as a woman, and he wrote me the letter I wanted.

I was quite shocked, but I was also relieved. I felt like I beat the system. I felt like I won. I’m a man, 100 per cent. Legally, I’m a woman. I did it for cheaper car insurance.

I didn’t do it to point out how easy it is to change genders.I didn’t do it to criticize or ridicule transgender or LGBT rights.

Steve Kee,a  spokesman for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, said he’s heard reports of changing ones gender for cheaper insurance:

If you’re going to declare on any document, you need to be truthful. If not, you’re making a fraudulent claim. This could impact you for any future insurance application that you make, or any other aspect of your life.

(Sources: CBC News, Anotherlink421/Reddit)

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