Man Calls Police On Train Passenger For Eating Burrito

An unidentified man in a Hawaiian shirt recently called the police on a fellow rider on a BART train for eating  burrito in Oakland, California.

The man in the Hawaiian shirt berated the second man for breaking BART’s rule against eating and drinking on the train, notes The Mercury News:

You can’t wait? The sign says no eating and drinking. You don’t get it. You must be stupid. I’ve seen people like you on TV.

The man in the Hawaiian shirt then used the train intercom to call the police:

We’ve got someone dining in the first car. He’s dining. Eating on the train.

However, other passengers encouraged the second man to eat his burrito.

A woman scolded the man in the Hawaiian shirt: 

This is not our concern. He is not our concern.

(Source: The Mercury News)

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