Man Attacks Good Samaritan With Ax Outside 7-Eleven

A brutal ax attack was caught on video in the early morning hours of Sept. 2 at a  7-Eleven store in West Hollywood, California.

A man is seen on the surveillance video attacking a Good Samaritan who offered to buy the man some items, which the man was attempting to steal from inside the convenience store.

According to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department press release,  the ax-wielding man “became upset” and “a struggle ensued” between him and the Good Samaritan inside the store.

The man left the store, but waited outside with a “hatchet- type” blade to attack the Good Samaritan, according to authorities.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested Kisu Bradey Brown for wielding the ax or “hatchet-type” weapon, notes KTLA.

Sgt. Jeff Bishop said Brown slammed the hatchet against the victim’s skull several times. Doctors were “relieving the pressure on his skull by having a tube in his head,” Bishop added.

Bishop noted the victim also suffered “major damage” to one of his hands, caused by Brown “nearly chopping his hand in half” with the weapon.

“We’re hoping we can get attempted murder charges filed on this individual,” Bishop stated.

Bishop told KTTV:

What makes this unique is we have a citizen who is trying to help a transient or a homeless person, help another fellow citizen out, and to be assaulted like this, it could be anybody’s family member and for somebody to just take the liberty and do that it’s very shocking, it was shocking to everybody to everybody here at our station when we did receive the video.

(Sources: KTLA, KTTV)

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