Man Asks Kentucky Cop For Badge Number And Name, Gets Arrested

A motorist was taken down, handcuffed and arrested in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, after asking a police officer for his name and badge number, as well as the name and badge number of his supervisor.

The Oath Accountability Project (OAP) uploaded a video the incident, which happened at a gas station.

In the video, the cop told the man that he is free to go, but the man asked for the information, and added: “This is going to go online so people can see truth and consequences, how you guys push your weight around.”

The officer arrested the man, and shouted: “You are done! Get on the f*cking ground!”

Later in the video, the cop tells the man’s female companion: “I don’t know what to tell you. He did what he did. I tried to be nice to you all and he refused to go along with it.”

The Lebanon Junction Police Department has not issued a comment.

(Source: Oath Accountability Project/YouTube)

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