Mail Chimp Censors Story About Trump Tweeting Racist ‘White Power’ Video

The popular email service Mail Chimp stopped an email newsletter from NewsVideoClip.TV to its readers on June 28 that featured a story about President Donald Trump retweeting a Trump supporter shouting “white power” at The Villages, Florida.

This same story was covered by national news sources: TIME, The Associated Press, and The Wall Street Journal.

Mail Chimp made an internal generic claim (below) that NewsVideoClip.TV had violated its “Acceptable Use Policy” and linked to its “Acceptable Use Policy” page.

NewsVideoClip.TV did not violate any instructions on the “Acceptable Use Policy” page.

There was no response from Mail Chimp when NewsVideoClip.TV emailed the website internally on June 28.

When publicly confronted on Twitter on July 2, Mail Chimp quickly responded and claimed: “A follow up email with additional information on this matter will be sent shortly.”

The follow up email on July 2 did not include any “additional information,” but referred to the same “Acceptable Use Policy” page.

(Sources:, MailChimp/Twitter, MailChimp/Twitter, Yahoo, TIME, The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal)

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