Louisiana School Cops Body Slam Student Three Times As Staff Watches In Horror

Newly-leaked video footage reportedly shows Officer Anthony “Kip” Dupre body slamming a 14-years-old student twice to the floor and Officer Dan Cipriano slamming the teen face first into a desk as school staff members watch at Brusly Middle School in Louisiana on Oct. 5.

An anonymous source sent the surveillance video to WAFB.

Sources claim the student had gotten into an argument with the vice principal, and was in the office to call his grandmother to come pick him up.

WAFB notes what happened next:

The boy remains standing in the same spot until it appears he no longer wants to make the phone call. He steps away from the desk and walks toward the exit. The officer, who towers over the teen at about twice his size, steps toward the kid, puts him in a rear choke hold, and slams him to the ground.

Once on the ground, the scuffle is mostly obscured from the camera, but the officer can be seen placing his eyeglasses on top the desk as he wrestles the student for nearly a minute. At one point, the officer’s right arm and shoulder are seen making forcible, jab-like movements in quick succession, as if he were throwing punches.

Unidentified sources claim the teen admitted to reaching for the Dupre’s gun and had fought with other officers before.

In the surveillance video, Dupre’s gun comes loose and a staff member places it on the desk.

Dupre reportedly put the teen in a headlock, and then lifted him into the air upside down, and slammed him to the ground again.

Dupre appears to lie on top of the teen until Cipriano arrives.

After the student is placed in handcuffs, Cipriano stands the teen up and slams him down face first onto the admin desk before pulling him back up.

Brusly Police Chief Jonathan Lafeaux said both officers  resigned after the incident, which is being investigated by the Louisiana State Police.

(Source: WAFB)

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