Louisiana Cop Kills Mentally Ill Woman Holding Scissors

Police Officer Patrick Edmond Jr. shot and killed Shannon Rupert in the lobby of a La Quinta Inn in Shreveport, Louisiana on Oct. 25.

The Bossier City Police Department and the Bossier Parish District Attorney’s Office claimed the shooting of the mentally ill 45-year-old woman was justified, notes the Shreveport Times.

Rupert, who was clearly having a mental breakdown, refused to put down a pair of scissors and walked towards Officer Edmond who escalated the situation and executed her.

In a video of the incident, Rupert told Officer Edmond: “You’re going to have to shoot me…you’re going to have to f*cking shoot me.”

Officer Edmond then threatened to kill the mentally ill woman: “Get back over there…hey if you come up here, I will kill you.”

(Source: Shreveport Times)

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