Louisiana Cop Filmed Hitting Girlfriend On New Year’s Eve, No Charges Yet: Report

A police officer who was reportedly filmed hitting his girlfriend with a cell phone inside a bar in Lafayette, Louisiana, on Dec. 31, 2017, has suddenly retired.

The Lafayette Police Department is investigating a YouTube video that allegedly shows the incident, notes KLFY.

The officer was placed on administration leave, but decided to retire.

LPD spokesman Karl Ratcliff said the investigation remains ongoing.

The Lafayette Police Department refused to release the name of the  former officer, but multiple sources in the department said the cop was former police captain, Dwayne Prejean.

KLFY notes that Prejean has a long and controversial history:

–In 2016, the officer was transferred from his post as Lafayette metro narcotics captain due to a circumstance involving a 15th Judicial District assistant attorney who was terminated over the matter.

Neither the district attorney’s office or the police department sought further disciplinary action, however, the nature of the relationship between the two individuals was never disclosed.

-In 2014, Prejean was named in a federal lawsuit filed by 15 former police officers alleging corruption and retaliation within the department.

One plaintiff, who was fired from the LPD in 2013, claimed former Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft terminated him for making allegations that Prejean was guilty of drinking and driving.

According to administrative documents obtained by The Daily Advertiser in 2013, the formal complaint concerning Prejean’s alleged impaired driving reportedly included video surveillance.

Because the officer who made the complaint would not reveal the identity of whoever provided him the video, which Craft claimed “to have possibly (been) edited”, the department said it could not prove that Prejean was under the influence.

Craft terminated the officer who made the allegations against Prejean for “violating three general orders of conduct”, according The Advertiser.

The suit and its appeal were both dismissed.

(Source: KLFY)

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