Los Angeles Woman Throws Hot Coffee At Hispanic Worker

UPDATE: The woman, identified as Rhonda Polon, told KTLA: “I’m not a racist. None of those things have ever come out of my mouth. I may have a temper at some points, but I am not a racist person.”

UPDATE: Polon claimed she threw the coffee in self-defense: “I’m completely sorry for throwing the coffee. They were now coming at me from both sides and it scared the hell out of me.”

An unidentified woman was caught on video throwing a cup of hot coffee at a hispanic worker who was doing some work at an upscale apartment complex in Los Angeles on Aug. 4.

The hispanic man, Miguel Sanchez, told KTLA that he and his coworker were hired as contractor, but the irate woman physically blocks him from driving into the garage.

Sanchez said he began recording with his cell phone after the woman  used a racial slur and accusing them of being a criminals:

She was calling us wetbacks, and that we were probably there to steal stuff. After all those racial comments on us, I got my phone out and started recording.

The hispanic men showed the woman the garage remote and unit keys given to them by the owner, but Sanchez said the woman got angrier:

She took two steps forward and she threw the coffee directly at my face.

Los Angeles police responded to the scene, but said Sanchez would have request a private person arrest, but he said he did not want to do in fear it could affect his relationship with the company contracting him:

I can make a difference in this world, knowing that if I act like this, maybe it will make others think that we’re not so bad, just the color my skin or the job that I do.

(Source: KTLA, KTLA)

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