Los Angeles Cops Shoot At Suspect, Accidentally Kill Trader Joe’s Grocery Store Manager

Los Angeles police fired at an armed suspect, Gene Evin Atkins, outside a Trader Joe’s store on July 21.

Atkins led police on a car chase and crashed his vehicle into a utility pole outside the Trader Joe’s and fled into the store, notes Reuters.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said the cops fired their guns as Atkins ran into the store, which was when store manager Melyda Corado exited the store and was shot.

Moore said Corado ran back inside and collapsed behind the manager’s desk.

Atkins received only minor injuries. He took the entire store hostage, until finally surrendering hours later.

Even though he did not shoot Corado, Atkins has been charged with Corado’s murder, among 31 other felony counts.

The police chase began after Atkins allegedly shot his grandmother and his 17-year-old girlfriend.

(Sources: Reuters, Los Angeles Police Department/YouTube)

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