Longtime Reporter Leaves NBC News, Says Media Is ‘Trump Circus’ And Encourages Perpetual Wars Worldwide

Former NBC News reporter and analyst William Arkin recently resigned in a public letter that skewered the media for allowing itself to be dominated by President Donald Trump and, at the same time, fails to report how the U.S. is moving into a state of perpetual war (more video below):

I find it disheartening that we do not report the failures of the generals and national security leaders. I find it shocking that we essentially condone continued American bumbling in the Middle East and now Africa through our ho-hum reporting.

Arkin told Democracy Now how the U.S. has shifted from the “Industrial Age to the Information Age”:

We’ve been at war now for 18 years. I don’t think anybody could argue that there’s a country in the Middle East that’s safer today than it was in 2001. The generals and the national security leadership that runs the country, and now also is the commentators and the analysts who populate the news media, really are not people who we can look to as saying, “Wow! They won a war. They avoided a war. They achieved some magnificent objective.” In fact, they are the custodians and the architects of perpetual warfare.

(Sources: Democracy Now, Democracy Now, William M. Arkin Online)

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