Local Fox Station Cuts Off Great Mills High School Student After She Calls For Gun Control

WTTG, the Fox News station in Washington D.C., cut off an interview with a student survivor of the Great Mills High School shooting in Maryland.

A student shooter reportedly wounded two other students, and was wounded or killed.

A male anchor warned there student, Shavon, about not getting political:

And I know that’s been a hot topic lately. We don’t want to get political with this, Shavon, but your feelings as to now that this happens in your school and impacts yourself and your friends, does it scare you, does it frighten you, do you feel secure in the school?

Shavon went right where the male anchor didn’t want her to:

We really need gun control. Because this is just not acceptable for us.

The female anchor changed the subject to meaningless question:

What year are you, Shavon?

Shavon said she would be graduating, and the female anchor quickly closed the segment:

We know it’s a difficult morning. We appreciate the firsthand account.

(Source: WTTG via YouTube)

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