Fox News’ Steve Doocy Falsely Claims Pres. Obama Is Forcing Catholic Nuns to Pay for Contraception

On “Fox & Friends” this week, co-host Steve Doocy tried to paint President Obama as a hypocrite for supposedly “forcing Catholic nuns to pay for contraception” and not believing in “religious freedom.”

Doocy and his guest Judge Andrew Napolitano were discussing the Catholic charity the Little Sisters of the Poor, who have refused to fill out the paperwork for an exemption for religious organizations offered under Obamacare.

But even if the Little Sisters of the Poor doesn’t fill out the paperwork, they still don’t have to cover contraception reports the Los Angeles Times:

The sisters’ insurer is also exempt from the mandate, because the health plan isn’t governed by ERISA, the federal law under which the mandate is imposed. In other words, signing the form doesn’t lead to contraceptive services either. That’s acknowledged by the feds. 

This is the point at which the lower court plainly lost its patience. The plaintiffs’ claim “reads too much into the language of the Form, which requires only that the individual signing it certify that her organization opposes providing contraceptive coverage,” wrote District Judge William J. Martinez. And in this case, he added, the form “does not authorize any organization to deliver contraceptive coverage to Little Sisters’ employees.

Without acknowledging these facts, Judge Napolitano was furious that the Obama administration would dare ask the Little Sisters of the Poor what their religious beliefs were per the exemption paperwork.
(Sources: and Fox News)

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