LinkedIn Says Amazon is Best Company to Work For, Won’t Mention Amazon Lies About Unions, Denies Bathroom Breaks, Smears Black Employee, Put Workers in Dangerous Working Conditions During COVID

The popular job-hunting social media site LinkedIn named Amazon as the best company to work for as part of its #LinkedInTopCompanies to work for.

The LinkedIn list, compiled by Michael Lombard and Laura Lorenzetti did not mention of Amazon’s lies about unionization, denials of bathroom breaks, firing whistleblowers who sounded the alarm on the COVID-dangerous workplaces, and has been caught trying to smear black employee:

“Amazon’s retail business boomed in the pandemic, spurring the company to hire about 400,000 people in the U.S. last year. Amazon has built an innovative remote-onboarding system, and it has more than 30,000 openings now. The company also encourages internal mobility: The head of global retail, Dave Clark, started as an operations manager at a Kentucky fulfillment center.”

VICE News obtained an internal Amazon memo in 2020 that showed how Amazon executives planned to smear a black warehouse manager, Chris Smalls, who organized a strike and blew the whistle on Amazon allegedly downplaying of death numbers in its Staten Island, New York, Warehouse.

NBC News noted previous reports in 2020 about inhumane working conditions at Amazon:

Recent reports have found that Amazon employees face extreme pressure to meet company goals, sometimes sacrificing their health and well-being in the job, and for pay that requires some to turn to federal assistance.

Public Citizen reported on the price gouging by Amazon in 2020:

15 essential products that have been sold by Amazon during that COVID-19 pandemic with markups over the recent price on or other national retailers ranging from 76% to more than 1,000%, and 10 products sold on Amazon by third-party sellers during the same period with markups ranging from 225% to 941%. Notably, some state price gouging laws prohibit price increases of as little as 10%.

(Sources: LinkedIn, LinkedIn, NBC News, Public Citizen, BuzzFeed News, MSNBC, VICE News)

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