Las Vegas Sheriff Shuts Down Conspiracy Theorist Laura Loomer’s Question

Conspiracy theorist and alt-right journalist Laura Loomer was cut off by Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo when she interrupted his press conference.

Loomer was asking about the FBI’s “changing timeline,” which is part of an alt-right conspiracy theory that the Las Vegas shooting was actually a “false flag,” notes

“That’s not how I conduct press conferences” Lombardo told Loomer. “Please stop asking your question. There’s a decorum that we have here.”

Loomer wrote her version/spin of the exchange on Twitter:

I just asked @Sheriff_LVMPD whether the @FBI timeline of #StephenPaddock has been changed since Valet receipts show a Sep 25 check in date. He because very flustered and angry and said “please stop asking your question.”

(Sources:, Laura Loomer/Twitter, CNN via

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