Las Vegas Police Shoot Naked Suicidal Man

Las Vegas police released a video on Aug. 8 of an officer shooting a naked suicidal man, Jason David Funke, outside the Life Springs Christian Church on Aug. 5.

Funke was armed with a handgun, but dropped the weapon as police commanded. He complied with police commands to put his hands up and walk towards an officer with a K-9 unit. The officer released the police dog, which turned on the officer, notes the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Funke took off running from the cop and the dog, but another officer armed with a rifle shot Funke in the back. Funke fell within 8 yards of the dropped gun.

Police did not say why they simply didn’t walk up and take Funke into custody when he was unarmed, or why they left the gun where Funke dropped it.

Funke was taken to a local hospital after being shot by the second cop. Funke is being charged with possession of a dangerous weapon at a school or child-care property and indecent exposure.

(Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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