Las Vegas Police Kill Suicidal Man Holding Taser That Cop Left In Hospital Room

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released a police body cam video of an officer killing a suicidal man in the emergency room at University Medical Center on Sept. 25.

The police body cam video, which does not include the audio, shows a nurse treating Cody O’Bryan , who is sitting on the floor; two officers are inside the room, notes the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In the video, O’Bryan reaches to his side, picks up the Taser and appears to point it at Officer Thomas Rybacki, who leaves the room, quickly re-enters with his gun and fatally shoots O’Brien.

O’Bryan reportedly called 911 dispatchers on Sept. 24 and said that he wanted to “blast it out” with police. The cops found O’Bryan passed out on the ground, and found that he had outstanding felony warrant.

Las Vegas Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo said that O’Bryan was suicidal, notes

This incident began on September 24 with the report of a suicidal man. This is the first time we’ve had an OAS at a hospital and we recognize we have several areas of concern. Specifically, the introduction of a weapon into a hospital room and how the prisoner was secured in that room and left alone in that room for even a few seconds or minutes.

O’Bryan was reportedly too drunk to go through booking at the county jail, so he was taken to the hospital.

A corrections officer came to the hospital room, but left behind a bag containing the Taser.

(Sources: Las Vegas Review-Journal,

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