Las Vegas Police Arrest Man After He Rolls Joint, Marijuana Is Legal In Nevada

Video has surfaced of Las Vegas police arresting a man after he allegedly rolled a joint inside his vehicle — even though recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada — and refused to show his ID on May 18.

The man, who uses the handle Fidjet702 SinCity on YouTube, claimed to be a veteran and posted a police body cam video of his rough arrest and a caption on Aug. 17:

When I attempted to inform them I was within my rights I was swarmed Assaulted and Kidnapped by the Holice for rolling a blunt in my personal vehicle, parked on private property, in a state with Marijuana legal at a recreational level. Las Vegas, Nevada Metropolitan Police Department.

Falsely charged solely with Obstruction and False Information to a Police Officer. Charges were DENIED at my arraignment before court was even brought to order.

(Source: Fidjet702 SinCity/YouTube)

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