Largest Christian Charity Gives Millions To Anti-LGBT And Anti-Muslim Groups

The National Christian Foundation (NCF) has donated $56.1 million to nearly two dozen anti-LGBTQ and anti-Muslim groups over the past three years, reports Sludge, a website that covers lobbying and money in politics:

By far the biggest recipient of NCF donations [nearly $50 million] is Alliance Defending Freedom, a large network of Christian extremist lawyers who have supported criminalizing homosexuality, sterilizing transgender people, and claimed that gay men are pedophiles. The group recently came out against congressional Democrats’ Equality Act, which would ban discrimination against LGBTQ Americans.

Sludge reports that the NCF gets its money from David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, and right wing foundations:

Other major NCF donors include the Maclellan Foundation (which has given over $100 million to NCF, including $4.65 million in 2017), the Bolthouse Foundation ($9.6 million in 2017), and the family foundation of GOP megadonor Foster Friess ($2.5 million, the majority of its charitable donations, in the 2017 fiscal year).

The Florida-based Free Family Foundation, which says it believes in “working together to share the love of Christ,” has given millions to NCF in recent years, including all of its nearly $1.5 million in charitable contributions in 2017. The JSC Foundation, which is run by heirs of the Coors beer fortune, took in $1.5 million in total revenue in 2015 but gave a larger amount, $2 million, to NCF. The APF Foundation, which is led by NCF-Tampa Bay board member Chris Peifer, is another NCF donor, having given most of its donations to NCF in the 2017 fiscal year ($145,000).

(Source: Sludge, Photo Credit: National Christian Foundation Press Handout)

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