Korean-American Rapper Kicked Off JetBlue Flight: ‘Don’t Like Asian With Tattoos’

Korean-American hip-hop artist Jin Gates was kicked off a JetBlue flight to Minnesota on June 29.

Gates described the incident on Instagram where he posted a video of the incident:

DONT LIKE ASIAN WITH TATTOOS…. we got kicked off the plane because the flight attendant said she don’t feel safe on the plane with us…..🙏🙏🙏🙏… as u can see even when i got kicked off i was still respectful 🤷‍♂️ The main supervisor asked everyone around us if we did something wrong or if they heard me being disrespectful all the passengers said i did nothing wrong!!!!

A JetBlue spokesperson issued a contradictory statement to Fox News:

The  decision  to  remove  a  customer  from  a  flight  is  not  taken  lightly.  In  this  instance,  after the customer started a verbal altercation with our crewmember, our team determined the situation risked escalation during flight. The team asked the customers to deplane and their fare was refunded.

(Sources: JinGates/Instagram, Fox News)

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