Kirk Cameron Launches Right Wing Website To Lecture Families How To Be Like His Family

Actor Kirk Cameron has launched a right wing Christian conservative website — TheCourage — that he hopes will make families more like his family.

Cameron described the site on a blog posting, notes The Christian Post:

We believe it’s time for Christians to have the courage to be countercultural, while maintaining a posture of humility. 

Our goal at TheCourage is to be a digital destination filled with inspiring, encouraging, fun, and challenging content in the areas of faith, family, and culture. We want this to be a place where you can engage in thoughtful dialogue and community.

Much of Cameron’s “thoughtful dialogue” in the past has been staging movie theater events to galvanize Christian support for President t Donald Trump. 

Cameron recently released a film titled “Kirk Cameron: CONNECT,” which he claimed offered “real help for parenting kids in a social media world.”

TheCourage also sells online videos of Cameron and his wife Chelsea giving advice about marriage and family, even though neither has a psychology or counseling degree.

Cameron and his wife Chelsea have been on their “Living Room Reset” tour across the country in which they push their brand of right wing Christian beliefs and non-scientific views to a paying audience.

(Sources: The Christian Post, TheCourage)

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  1. Wow, the hate for Kirk Cameron and Christian values just oozes out through the sentences. Can’t just write about a person without biased opinions? And you don’t need a psychology degree or any other degree to raise a family correctly. You just need God! It’s because the world is losing sight of God and our salvation through Christ that the world is going to hell! It’s because of Left-Wing propaganda and utter and vile hatred and lies through the left that the world is falling apart! I would rather have Kirk Cameron’s brand, then your utter vitriol and evil! And science backs up Christian views, because Christianity is THE TRUTH! They are not exclusive from one another. You are weapons of the devil and are spreading lies! May God have mercy on your soul!


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