Kirk Cameron Is Surprised TV Networks Will Not Air His Concert To Raise Money for Anti-LGBT Bigot Franklin Graham

Kirk Cameron expressed his shock that major TV networks will not air his upcoming musical special “Hope Rising” to raise money for Samaritan’s Purse, which is run by anti-LGBT bigot Franklin Graham.

Samaritan’s Purse has been providing medical care for coronavirus victims in New York City’s Central Park, but Graham’s group requires medical volunteers to sign a “statement of faith” that affirms they oppose same-sex marriage, support eternal hell and oppose abortion without exception for rape or incest.

Cameron, who will be performing with different Christian music performers in their respective living rooms, told the Christian Post how stunned he was that major TV networks did not want the show, which will now be streamed on Facebook:

We had a major network who wanted to wanted to air Hope Rising, and at the very last minute, just days before Easter, they decided to pull out and they didn’t tell us why. But we assume it was perhaps because it was too Christian. 

Then we offered it to all the other major networks and they all said “no.” Can you believe it? During a time when people are praying more than ever, when people want to hear from God, when they want to feel His comfort and His peace. How could people shy away from people who want to pray with you, who want to love you, who want to comfort you and inspire and encourage you and give you hope through something like “Hope Rising?”

It’s OK though because we turn to the church and we are getting an overwhelming response from Christian radio stations and from people of faith, and all through social media. it’s really a grassroots effort because it’s not being broadcast on a network. The promotion for it is really up to us as a family of faith, to tell our friends and to share all of the posts and articles.

(Sources: Christian Post, Official Hope Rising/Facebook)

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