Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Kicked Out Of Olympics

A Kim Jong-un impersonator says he was kicked out of the Winter Olympics by some “heavies” after dancing in front of the North Korean cheerleaders during a hockey game between united Korea and Japan on Feb. 14.

The impersonator, who identified himself as Howard, recalled the incident to The Sun:

I was actually late to the game. When I arrived, I went straight over to the North Korean cheerleaders and waving the flag and supporting them on and clapping.

They looked really surprised and shocked. Some of them laughed, and got it, but most of them were totally shocked and I was told to sit down by a few heavies.

After that a few heavies rushed over really p**sed off and I suspect they were North Korean delegates, just by the way they were dressed. I can’t confirm, but (they were) most likely North Korean.

They dragged me out and they kicked me in the shins and were shouting something really angrily in Korean.

Howard said he was held by police beneath the Olympic stands for about half an hour: 

They said we’ve got to wait for the North Korean team to leave before we let you go out.

I said who decides what goes on in South Korea? North Korea? Or South Korea?

If you don’t like my face there’s nothing you can do about it – I was born this way.

(Sources: The Sun, Vincent Bevins/Twitter)

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