Kim Davis’ Lawyer Falsely Claims Jay-Z Belongs To Church Of Satan

Mat Staver, a right-wing Christian activist and lawyer for Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, cited a fake web story to claim that rapper Jay-Z was a satanist.

Staver announced the lie on his daily “Faith and Freedom” radio program:

He belongs to the Church of Satan, he is a follower of Anton LaVey. Anton LaVey was a person who was a satanist.

Staver cited a fake story published in November by fake news purveyor Neon Nettle to bolster his claim; the story was debunked by Snopes.

In reality, Jay-Z sang a song about chasing Satan off the earth: “Lucifer, son of the morning! I’m gonna chase you out of Earth.”

Staver, who claims to follow Jesus Christ by opposing equal rights for gay people, added:

Not long ago, he spoke to a group of people where he was having his event and came out and blasted Jesus Christ, saying that Jesus is fake news and he said that Lucifer is the way of truth and life.

This is Jay-Z claiming that Jesus never walked on this earth. He went on to this rant talking about how if you follow Satan, that is where the real power is.

He says there is real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan that you don’t get in Christianity.

You know, these are individuals who are having an influence on our young people.

(Source: Right Wing Watch,, Snopes, Photo Credit: Liberty Counsel)

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